How Can You Help?


Everyone that has been with this from the start has been volunteering. We need more networks out there so please spread the word around as to what we are doing. Feel free to send us any ideas you might have.

Ok, here you are on the net and you found us and you want to help. Well, if you have an instrument lying in your closet, and it's not doing a thing but gathering dust, send us an e-mail (link) and we will found a way to pick it up. Think High School instruments, but we will take anything. Like one of the teachers said, "No matter what it is, we will find a reason to use it for the kids". Remember, necessity is also the midwife of creativity.

How can you get instruments to us?

We always say we will go anywhere to pick up an instrument. That being said, if you live in say, California; for us on the East coast that will be a lot of gas. But we have had people send them to us Fed-Ex. So here is an address you can send them to if you would like:

The Feel Good Tour
Attn: Al Coffey
5826 Santa Anita Terrace
Roanoke, VA 24012

Also keep in mind we go up and down the East coast so if you live in that area, feel free to contact us and we will stop on by.

Also, if you have a week where you want to come and help us, contact us.

How to Contact Us