Cards and Letters

"I'm glad to have been allowed to participate in The Feel Good Tour. Bill and Al should be thanked for giving a musical breather to the people whose homes and lives have been upset, and also those who volunteer so much of thir time and energy to help with this ongoing crisis."

Guy Davis

May 22, 2006

Bill Hudson has told me about people coming to New Orleans from all over USA, many bringing hand tools, ready to help rebuild houses, do anything they can. Isn’t it extraordinary how the bad and the good are always tangled up in this world?

These perilous times are bringing out the best in America. Who knows, who knows? God only knows. But I think if we use the brains God gave us we’ll talk and we’ll argue; we’ll crack jokes and see the contradictions in life all around us; we’ll find sympathy for people who do stupid things even while we get folks together to stop the stupidity.

Pete Seeger

Aug. 1,2006


"Last year, you and your wonderful group of friends surprised us at St. Tammany Junior High with two generous donation trips. Our students were excited over the additional "much needed" instruments that you provided. In just a few weeks, the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina will be upon us. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you once again for your support during a most difficult time. I will cherish always the fond memories that I have of so many strangers that became instant friends and supporters following the devastation of the lady called Katrina. I firmly believe that all things happen for a reason. Perhaps this was her way of opening our doors, eyes, and hearts to so many people that might not have otherwise crossed out paths."

Hannah D. Rucker

Director of Truancy - St. Tammany Junior High

"I am a native Texan and lost my home as a result of Hurricane Rita, which was one month after the horrific hurricane Katrina. During Rita, lightening struck one of our large trees and landed on our power line and we lost our home to fire. It took an entire year to rebuild our home, and the finished product is even better than it was pre-fire, but the trauma of losing everything was more than my 18 year old daughter could bear. She was never able to go back to our home site where she had been living since she was born, so I decided to sell the home and relocate. I am forwarding an essay she wrote for the church bulletin to thank our community for their help after the fire and in reading her essay you may find the feeling of gratitude that the thousands of Louisiana Katrina victims would extend to you if they knew how to contact you. You touched so many lives in such a positive way. Thank you!"

Aprille Chaffin