Michael Meade of Lackawanna Rail is a Founder and is presenting instruments to the teacher in Boothsville/Venice Elementary School Dragonfly is a major sponsor of The Feel Good Tour The Kids of St. Tammany's Junior High have been getting a lot of instruments and are building their band Peter Spring helps us to check the instruments and provides pianos to schools and churches in Louisiana Henry came down to sing and play for several months as people worked through hard times in Louisiana.  He continues to help out The Feel Good Tour on an ongoing basis. Mel and Vinnie made a trip down with The Feel Good Tour and continue to help out and make trips to help the recovery process. Gordon and the Bio-liberty camp provide a place to stay and help The Feel Good Tour out in many ways.  Gordon often uses his pick up truck to deliver instruments for us and provides information on where people need us the most. Bill Hudson is one of the folks that started The Feel Good Tour and who continues to work very hard for the cause making several trips a year to Louisiana. Guy Davis came down to Louisiana with The Feel Good Tour and put on a great concert for the people in the area and made them Feel Good! Rich Baumann was a participant of The Feel Good Tour and has since gone on to make several trips and gather many instruments to provide to the kids. This young man received a wonder trumpet which he well deserved since he plays First Chair in the Salmen High School Band A new piano was provide for Salmen High School and they immediatly put it to good use.  Theirs was lost in Katrina, but The Feel Good Tour was able to work with Peter Spring and get one for them. Ira works at the Community Center in St. Bernards Parish.  They provide food and clothes to those who need it as well as many other services.

The Feel Good Tour, Inc.

The Feel Good Tour is a group of musicians and other entertainment people who work to gather musical instruments from people who have them sitting in their closets from years gone by and bring them down to the kids in Louisiana who lost their own instruments in Hurricane Katrina. While bringing them down they also sing and perform for people in community centers, churches, emergency communities, food lines and anywhere else that people might need to be cheered up.

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